A heatwave is any long period of very hot weather. In Australia, heatwaves usually range from 37°C to 42°C.

This page contains links to useful information about heatwaves and how to get ready.

Go to the Bureau of Meteorology’s local weather forecast so you know if a heatwave is on the way, and keep an eye on the Queensland UV Index Forecast.


Be prepared

The following websites and fact sheets will help you to be prepared for heatwaves:

Queensland Health

Local Council


For children

Federal Government’s information for school aged kids:


During and after

Visit the following Government websites:

Tune-in to the Australian Broadcasting Commission:

The Queensland heat can knock all of us around, but elderly Queenslanders are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illness.

On extremely hot days or when the temperature rises to more than 30 degrees for a few days in a row, pop in on elderly neighbours, friends and relatives.