Ask yourself, if disaster strikes are you ready?

What will you risk losing before you plan for a disaster? What would happen if a severe storm, cyclone or flood hits today – are you ready?

Get Ready before disaster hits and know what to do if you need to take action. If you do a little, we all accomplish a lot.

Start thinking about your plan now by downloading our Get Ready fact sheets:


Step 1: Emergency planning

What would happen if:

A disaster strikes tonight?

Your pets are in danger?


Step 2: Emergency and evacuations kits

What would you do if:

You need to leave your home immediately?

The power and water are not available for 3 days?

You have no access to shops?


Step 3: Prepare your home

What would happen if:

A disaster strikes tomorrow?

You have an elderly or vulnerable neighbour?


Step 4: Tune in to warnings

What would you do if:

Your phone battery ran out?

You heard a siren on the radio?

There was is a fire in your area?


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