Baby formula and nappies

The smallest member of the family has special needs. Make sure you have enough food for your little one. Check the use-by date on any formula and use it before it expires, replacing the one in your kit. This way nothing goes to waste and you always have a fresh backup supply in case a disaster occurs.

Queensland Health recommends storing enough ready-to-drink formula for three days. Ready-to-use formula means you do not have to use precious supplies of water to mix with dehydrated formulas.

Make sure you have enough nappies for three days – and throw in some more if room permits.

Add some nappy sacks for sanitary disposal of nappies. Normal rubbish collection may be delayed for some time.

Queensland Health maintains a list of items to consider including in your emergency kit along with formula and nappies. You can find that here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: My baby is breast-fed. Do I need to prepare anything for them?

A: Queensland Health has an excellent guide explaining what is needed in your emergency kit for breast-fed infants. You can find it here.


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