Three days food supply

In a disaster shops may be closed or inaccessible. You may find that you have to survive on what is in your cupboards. Storing a supply of non-perishable food is an essential part of preparing for any disaster.

Make a three-day menu plan for your family. You can even make it a bit more interesting by searching canned food recipes on the Internet. Make sure you check the use-by dates on canned food and dispose of any cans which have signs of rust.

Pulses and grains last a long time in sealed containers. Place them in your freezer for a week after purchasing to make sure weevils do not infest them and then pack into your emergency kit. You can even put a bay leaf or some cloves in with them to deter weevils.

Queensland Health nutritionists have compiled a list of foods based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. The list is a guideline for the amount of food for two people to survive seven days and is a great guide for your emergency kit preparations. The Queensland Health Emergency Pantry List is here.

Now you have thought about what you are cooking, have a think about what to cook with. Here are some suggested emergency food preparation items:

  • Portable gas stove (from camping stores or supermarkets – don’t forget gas cylinders and waterproof matches)
  • Saucepan for boiling water and heating food
  • Sealable food containers
  • Knives
  • Can opener
  • Cutting board
  • Eating equipment (plates, cutlery)


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