Even if your home is not damaged in a disaster, electricity may not be available and you could be left in the dark for quite a while. Unless you Get Ready now.

Include a torch (or two) or a battery powered lantern in your emergency kit.

Energy providers like Energex and Ergon prioritise essential services during a disaster. Places such as hospitals, emergency services and water treatment facilities are attended to first, so you could be without power for some time.

So pack some spare batteries, or a wind-up or solar charger.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can’t I just use candles? They don’t need batteries.

A: Candles look great but they are a major cause of house fire.  Stick with a torch – it’s safer.

Q: How long do batteries last in an emergency kit?

Battery storage life varies dramatically between battery types. The best idea is to test them with a battery tester every three months to ensure they are still okay. Some manufacturers are now producing batteries with long shelf lives – some as long as 10 years. It is still advisable to test these batteries periodically to make sure they will be ready when you need them.


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