Tune into warnings

Emergency Services use a range of methods to warn the community about severe weather and other emergencies that require preparation and action at the household level. When warnings are issued you may be directed to:

  • Finalise your preparations
  • Secure items around your home
  • Activate your emergency plan
  • Shelter in place, or
  • Commence evacuation to your predetermined safer location

Warnings are urgent – you will need to act immediately on the information provided.

Whatever the emergency, you need to Tune In – Log On – Listen Out – and Act!

Tune In

Log On

Listen Out

  • For the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) used at the beginning of serious emergency warnings
  • For emergency alert voice messages to your landline and text messages to your mobile telephone
  • For local community safety announcements (on radio and television) for advice updates and to identify the preferred evacuation routes for your area
  • For sirens and loud hailer announcements that Emergency Services may use in certain circumstances
  • For Emergency Services personnel who may door-knock your local area to pass on warnings
  • For more information on tsunami warnings, phone: 1300 TSUNAMI (1300 878 6264)
  • For further information on weather warnings and forecasts, phone 1900 955 360 for the Bureau’s Phone Weather Service (call costs apply)

and Act

  • Ensure all householders are aware of the warning and advice provided
  • Check on family, neighbours and friends who may need special assistance
  • Locate and collect your emergency and evacuation kits if required
  • Activate your emergency plan
  • If you are visiting or holidaying in Queensland, or interstate, and do not have family or friends to shelter with, contact your holiday accommodation manager to identify options for evacuation
  • Display your emergency plan on the fridge or household notice board, provide copies to household members, relevant friends, family and neighbours and keep a copy in your emergency kit

For more information, download the Get Ready Queensland tune in to warnings fact sheet.