Are you ready for storm season?
Start your 'WHAT-IF' plan today.
Get Ready Queensland
The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) is responsible for the Get Ready Queensland program
The only way to stay safe is to stay out of floodwater.
The best way to avoid floodwater is to prepare to stay safe.
Stay safe
Before returning to cyclone affected areas, make sure it’s safe to do so.
What if your pet was home alone in a storm?
Ask your neighbour to check on them in a disaster.
If disaster hit, could your neighbours take care of themselves?
Be the one in the street who'll check on them.
Plan your emergency kit today
Two of the most important steps you can take are to prepare your household emergency kit and your evacuation kit.
What if your road home was blocked in a disaster?
Would you have an alternative plan?
Local events and activities
Enter your address or post code for the latest events and activities in your area.
Plan your emergency kit
Your emergency kit contains essential items that will equip you in the event of an emergency.
What's your 'WHAT-IF' plan?
Learn how to best prepare for and reduce your risk from disasters with a ‘WHAT-IF’ plan.
Prepare your home
Taking steps now can improve the safety of your home during an emergency.
Cyclone recovery
Find important information to help you and your family after the cyclone.
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